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Comic Book Festival Breda 2015

I was at the comic festival in Breda on Saturday 10-10-2015.  Signing and sketching at the Windmill Comics booth. It was fun catching up with Johan, Rik, Ramon and Gerard. Also a few familiar faces with West and Boy having stands next to us.

Shook hands with a new member of the Windmill crew: Jamie de Jonge. Her work should appear in Jong Geluk in 2016.

It wasn’t a very busy day. I signed a few copies of the new Shock, issue 49. As it turned out Sunday had a much bigger crowd, but I had another commitment.

One sketch, but I'm quite proud of it. A viking. Before getting the request I was working on a sketch for myself. I have some idea in mind for it, so I'll save it for a later post.

Ulrik also came to visit, which is always a treat. Speaking of treats, treat yourself to the last (?) Muse comic. It's a special comic and worth it's price.

I walked from the station to the Chasse theater with Tamara Havik. I met her a week before at Gamers of the West and bought the comic: Blind Sided by Life. It's a good story and there is more on the way. Keep an eye on these comics by Tamara and West.

I was in good company when I travelled back to Rotterdam. Laughing and walking along with Tamara, Tania Cardoso and Jefferson Alberto Da Veiga. Tania has worked on Sword Quest and soon we can read Akuma.

In closing I'd like to spent a few words on Shock Classics. At this time issue 48 is sold out. I have no doubt that the publication of issue 49 has contributed to this. It's nice to see and hear all the reactions. Often it's the penciler that gets all the praise, but without a writer there simply is no story and it was nice to see people laughing because of the dialogue from Silviano. And the request for a quick continuation. We shall see...