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On 10-06-2016 and 11-06-2016 I had a blast at Animecon. I was there as an artist for Gamers of the West.
The atmosphere was pleasant. It was also funny to share public transport with all these people who were all dressed up as their favorite character or their own creation.

I met two artists that I want to mention. The first is Yummy Suika from who I bought a cool sparkly button. The other is Laurent Romero, who seems to be a big fan of a certain artist... I'll let their websites do the rest of the talking.

The first day I sat at the artist table with Vikash Ramjas. He was on familiar grounds, evident in a print he made that drew a lot of attention and sold a number of copies. I spoke to a few people interested in my work. It's always nice to see people discover the humor that Silviano puts in the texts written for Chosen. The second day I sat with Boy Akkerman and Dinesh van den Berg. Familiar faces to me and always pleasant company. Vikash was also present at the table, but his cosplay identity was needed too!

We gave workshops spread over these days. I had an easy class. One was very excited, but too tired to draw and the other was more interested in watching me draw and ask questions. Since I also had a request to work on I'd say things fell into place for me. Vikash has a tougher one. The class grew and grew and what started as a U shaped setup almost become a full circle with him closed in. Luckily Boy could give an assist. I believe Boy also had a one-on-one session with an upcoming(?) artist.

Had an opportunity to get up to speed with Tamara Havik, who was at the event on behalf of Go Club Seki. Keep an eye on this talented lady!

It really was a fun weekend. I got to draw and interact with visitors and my fellow artists. I hope to be here again next year for all three days. Many thanks to West Givner for giving me this opportunity and his crew (Nathalie, Commerina and Tim) for helping out.

Click here for the photo's.