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Went to Animecon on 10-06-2017. I particpated in the AMV contest, which was a lot of fun. The contest is about making a music video with animation as your main ingredient and on the day of the event you get to vote on the videos of your fellow editors/competitors using a voting box. But that's not all, the audience also gets to vote on the videos, making it two contests for the price of one. Dare I say the Oscars don't dare to be this honest with regards to voting.

Didn't win, but I have to say the quality of all the entries was high. I don't think I voted lower than 70 points on a scale of 0-99. Perhaps the most special of all was the 25th video, which was in fact the opening for a marriage proposal. All the best for the happy couple!

My entry: Rebecca

The most complete list so far for the rest of the videos

I also submitted two entries for the Dutch Manga Awards along with Vikash as Studio Cutlass. No prices won, but like the AMV contest there were some very good entries here too. Anyway working with Vikash is fun, so don't be surprised to see Studio Cutlass entering another competition.

On a side note, if you want a competition to be a big deal, you should treat it as one. When I looked on the convention map it seemed like there was this big space dedicated for the display of the Dutch Manga Awards and it turned out to be little more than a big poster on a board somewhere between the food court and the movie theater. Not to be mean, but how many visitors actually saw this thing? I will say that they've made the competition worth entering and I think this was reflected by the winners and other works displayed on the board.

In closing I'd like to mention some of my fellow artists that were present at the event. Boy Akkerman was there on Friday, so unfortunately we didn't get to catch up. Got a friendly greet from Tamara Havik, who was there to promote the Japanese game Go.

Dinesh van den Berg was there, debuting his brand new banner and showing off his latest Deadpool art (yuck! ;-) ). Also present was the great Louis Norense. Stay tuned for an awesome comic drawn by him and written by West Givner

I had hoped to also catch up with Nathalie Jang and Shannon Kip, but there was a clash in time tables. Be sure to check out the work of these talented ladies!