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I had a good weekend at the Brabants Stripspektakel in Veldhoven. Met some new people and old acquaintances. I had a nice spot in the Artist Alley.

It's still the best comic event to take your kids to. They had plenty of activities in the so called kids corner. And they had constant company of the furries, like Thabo Meerkat.

Had a brief chat with fellow Monstober artists Robin Mies and Eric van der Heijden.

I also bought a few things. A beautiful t-shirt of the Howling Riot. I can also recommend their Foxtober art book.

Also purchased the first issue of Deep 6. This has all the potential to become a thrilling series. Beautifully drawn by Waldo Van Gheluwe and written by Johan de Neef. From Windmill comics.

Since we are on the subject of beautiful drawings. I'm also very happy with my hardcover of the first Aqua Invicta album. Great art by Leroy Soesman and written by Sytse S. Algera.

Again, had a good weekend and the organisation was top notch. All of them, kind people. I'll be sure to be there next year!