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It all started on the train. It turns out I was on the same train as Irene Berbee and Wilma van den Bosch. Such a treat to walk with these two to the Lebuinuskerk where the event (Oost Nederlandse Stripboekenbeurs) was hosted. Irene is doing great with her work voor Opzij and her comic Ulfberht. Meeting Wilma was a bit special. It's still a bit surreal to meet and shake hands with someone who's work you've enjoyed. Still, very approachable, kind and down to earth.

The first familiar face I saw was that of good old Boy Akkerman. Along with the talented 'Dream in HB' Nathalie Jang and Dinesh van den Berg. They brought with them the latest issue of Hollandsch Metaal, which just came of the presses. I didn't see Dinesh on the guest list before hand otherwise I would have mentioned him in my checklist of artists to check out at the event on Facebook. Be sure to lookup and check out his Drakan comic if you haven't already.

I spotted my table and look and behold, my neighbours were putting up their awesome stand. The ladies of KAAS build a display that really stood out. Other artists at the events had tables, they turned their table into a stand. Also be sure to check out the individual efforts of Sabrina en Karin, it's really cool stuff.

My table was in the same lane as the Windmill Comics table. They had some misfortune with getting a big part of their stock to the event, but still a lot of people came over for a look.

So, I had nice neighbours around me. The aforementioned ladies of KAAS and Ab who had big boxes of comics he sold. I totally forgot to ask the name of his shop... It makes walking away from your table easier when you are surrounded by good folk.

Didn't get to walk around much. Just a small break to bother Boy and say hello to Leroy Soesman. No doubt he and Sytse Alegra are working hard on the second and final part of Aqua Invicta, but yeah, didn't have time to properly ask.

Speaking of artists walking around, I finally got to shake hands with Hans Hansha Harlemans. Before we only 'spoke' on Facebook, but it was nice to meet the man in person.

I had some good conversations with people that were curious about my work. It seems Metal Pedal might have a target audience in ladies that like my use of colour and sense of humour. Maybe I should consider getting tables at art markets... But it's nice to see people understanding the story you're trying to tell and even think it's good enough to purchase.

Also Marcel Haster, the Stripvlogger walked by to film the items on my table. We also did a short interview about Metal Pedal, but let's see wait and see what makes it into the final video. I can recommend his video's for getting a honest opinion on a lot of diverse titles or to get an impression of comic events you missed or are curious about.

Organization wise I can say they really take good care of us. Always someone around to answer questions, Harry Timmerman going round to check if everything is still okay and plenty of food and refreshments.

Walked back to the station with Irene, Marissa Delbressine en Johan Neefjes and in the packed train we were joined by Wilma van den Bosch. It was fun. Just talking about the event of the day, past experiences and other stuff. Marissa is known for her work for Eppo (Ward), but I'm really looking forward to her Ishtou. I have to say I only read and heard Johan's name increasingly, but I only took a look at his work after the event. This guy can draw!

Just a fun day in Deventer. Hope to repeat it next year. Thanks for reading and until the next post!