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On my way to the festival I ran into Denver Asence and his mother in the subway. He was on his way to IFCC in Croatia. I could also congratulate him on finishing his education. Keep an eye on this talent.

I had been to the Bluegrass Festival before as a visitor. Both times everything was on Pijnackerplein, but now there was an extra space reserved for jam sessions in the Schommelstraat. Jam sessions being for music and drawing, but their were facilities and other activities as well. So naturally this is where the comic artist had there spot. It was a relaxed area, even when there was a bit of a crowd.

Having a new area meant there wasn't much awareness. This led to a slow Saturday, although it picked up later and people found a spot to rest and relax. Sunday also started slow, but some things were done to get more attention, like Ron Schuijt and a lady making a big cardboard arrow/sign.

I got my table spot on Saturday thanks to Ron. The other artist was good old Dinesh van den Berg of Drakan fame. We started with preparing the Art Jam Area. There were basically two activities. One was to draw tattoos on paper torso's, which would be hung on the staircase. The other was drawing on a big sheet of paper, so in the end we would have a big piece of collaborate art. Both cool ideas from Ron.

Next to us were TRAC(Maurice Heuts, Jan Rodenrijs and Ulrik). All three known to me of course, especially m and u who I worked with on the first issue of Imaginary Muse. Speciale guest was another Imaginary Muse artist, named Niels Verhofstad. Niels being a good draftsman is an understatement. Check out his awesome work! After a few hours we got a few familiar visitors. Dinesh had members of his family visit and I got a visit from my Kung Fu training partner at Fight2Fight, Albert and his wife Ophilia.

On Sunday we had different lineups. Ron's section had himself, Maikel Verkoelen and Theresa Hartgers. Maikel I met this year at Brabants Stripspektakel and Theresa earlier this month for Rotown for Comics, Art and Beer. Nice folks. Officially I was part of Maurice's table on Sunday. Again with Jan, Ulrik and Maurice himself, but since one of Ron's guests got ill, I moved seats from time to time. The other special guest of TRAC was Adri van Kooten. I think I mentioned his comic project Meermin before. He's working on the final pages now and I can't wait to see the end result.

Sales wise we sold a fair number of I'm Muse over the weekend and I got to draw a cool commission. Cura, a Roman goddess of which there aren't many depictions, hence the request for a commission. It was a pleasant one as I just got a few pointers and the rest was up to me. She also came to look from time to time, which was good. This way I knew I was on the right track and it was safe to start after inking.

All in all, a great weekend at the festival, which can hopefully be repeated next year. Will I see you there? ;-)