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 On the 12th of september 2015 I participated in the Drawing Rally as part of the Rotterdam Draw Club. The goal was to sketch other artists and the festival in the Witte de Withkwartier it was part of. At the end of the day a zine would created collecting all the sketches.

You never can tell if you are going to get along with a new group of people. The Witte de Withkwartier was also unknown terrority for me. Although I had heard people talk about it. The people as well as the location turned out great and led to a very positive experience.

When I was near the spot I was greeted by Vikash Ramjas. I met him before at a core artist event, but we hadn't really talked. Shook hands with John Henniger and Joshua Thies. Most of the setup was already in place, we just had to set up the banners.

Vikash, me and a lady went to put up some banners near our spot. Most of the people were still busy with the preparations. John was already making of a working artist. You can see the final result on the back of the zine we made.

When we got back I met Tãnia Cardoso and Julia Filament. Both were a bit under the weather, especially Tãnia, but they still participated. I was surprised by the large number of people showing up to draw and sell their work, but I learned later that this rally was set up by Alerta Studio and they had invited multiple groups.

I had planned to sketch the other artists and locations, but after putting down the lines of our own spot my imagination took over and I just went with the flow. I really wanted to do more than one drawing. I mean you cannot even call it a sketch anymore. With each addition I still thought it was missing something. I can say I'm happy with the final result. I think the others stayed closer to the idea of sketching people. Although Julia added some fantasy elements here and there. I wonder if Vikash realizes on how many pages he's present. Tãnia made a nice contribution for the cover. The zine has resulted in a nice collection of performing artists, event spots and some fantasies.

For the creation we had to go to Worm where we were granted access to the copy machine. I saw an old friend there. Unspoken promises prevented me from shaking his arm, but I took a picture for old times sake. Tãnia was our expert as she had been to zine camp and we all lend a hand. We even had a human tape cutter. I think I could repeat the process by myself another time, but it won't be as much fun as I had with this group.

All in all it was a really great day and I hope to participate in something similar in the future. Zines are still available, but in very limited quantities. Let me know if you're interested, which will be easier once I set up a contact form… I leave you now with this gallery.