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Sportavita and friends Dam tot Damloop 2015

On the twentieth of September was the Dam tot Damloop. For the last six years Portavita has participated in this run.

In the fourth year we came back from a customer visit and Hein Willem de Bruijn, one of my co-workers made a joke about how I could make a design for the runners shirt that involved a monster chasing the runners. The idea of making a design for the shirt stayed in my head and I asked my co-worker Henk-Jan Meijer, who took care of the administrative processes of the run if it would be cool if I made a design for the runners shirt. His response was positive and enthusiastic.

This is the third shirt I have designed for Portavita. This one evolved from the second shirt I designed, which also featured two runners. In comparison the new one does a better job of capturing the activity and the setting of the event.

Part of the fun of creative work is working with others on it. While most of the attention will go the image on the back of the shirt, the front is also important. Henk-Jan introduced the idea of the S runner, turning Portavita into Sportavita. Since this is the year we actively invited companies we work with to run with us I thought it would be a nice touch to add ‘and friends’ to the front.

It will be a real challenge to come up with a design for next year. Should I keep certain elements? Try something completely different?