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At the start of this year Ramon Schenk shared a review on Facebook. The review is about Shock Classics #46, #48 and #49. Chosen was published in issues #48 and #49 along with other work from our fellow Windmill Comics contributors. It's well written and insightful as she compares the #46 issue, which was published quite awhile ago with the last two Shock issues, which were published not so long ago.

Since it's in Dutch I've asked the writer, Anne-Marie Eentweedrie if I could translate the part written about Chosen:

The debut of writer Silviano Mendo who along with debuting penciller Feroz Nazir created the serial ‘Chosen’ took my notice. Where some serials tend to bore me a bit because they become a bit soap-like, this story doesn't bore me one moment. The personalities of the two main characters, two schoolattending boys, is explored well without losing it's self too long into ‘talking heads’. These scenes are alternated with exciting vampire action. Mendo also understands the concept of a cliffhanger, after each episode I'm curious about the continuation of the story. The drawings of Nazir won't appeal to everyone, but he certainly has his own distinct style and knows how to visualize the story in a thrilling way. It's clear that the gentlemen have learned a lot from watching horror movies, because it could certainly become a movie. My compliments. I anxiously wait for the next part.

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Ratatouille TV: Shock Classics #46 #48 #49