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My favorite scenes from Seinfeld involve Jason Alexander playing George Costanza. The absolute highlight has to be the worlds collide storyline in the pool guy episode. I can not explain how it works, but sometime after seeing this episode and trailers for disaster movies, like Deep Impact, it hit me. Would I be able to create a serious movie trailer using scenes from the worlds collide storyline mashed together with the audio of a disaster movie trailer?

Well, for years I actually couldn't. I just didn't find a trailer with dialogue that appealed to me and I wished there was a way to get lines like 'this Summer...' as clean standalone samples. So I slightly adjusted the plan. Instead of a fitting trailer, I would now keep an ear out for appropriate music. At some point I saw the teaser trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and I thought: this could work!

After finishing the Rebecca video for Animecon I thought: let's just play around a bit. And playing around turned into actually creating the trailer. At some point it was roughly finished, but it still needed something. It needed that movie voice. That meant, Google Time! It actually didn't take too long to find something. Zach King and his friends have created a set of audio files just right for the job: Movie Voice. The last piece of the puzzle was getting the title to appear less pixelated. I knew I could do it by creating an image, but I really wanted to create it using the software (Filmora) as I thought to myself: it should be possible. The subject came up during a conversation with my co-worker Henk-Jan Meijer and as it turned out he has a fascination for fonts! He gave me some good tips and thought me a few things about fonts.

Of course as I was working on my trailer, here comes the new Transformers trailer with a worlds collide tag and the voice of Anthony Hopkins... Perhaps another time, I'm quite content with this one. I give you: Worlds Collide!