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The municipality of Capelle a/d IJssel approached our draw club through Capsloc to design posters for a campaign about online safety and good behaviour.

It started with a conversation between three of the Draw Club (Vik, Saskia and me), Claudia Goeree of the municipality, Yoram Zeeman (communicatie bureau Osage) and Daniel van Nes (Capsloc). Paul van Venrooij (Capsloc) was also near for help. Claudia had seen our mural and thought illustrations would be a nice alternative for stock photos. The deadlines were close and with that our first obstacle was introduced.

So time also played a factor for selecting the participants. They are Draw Club members from the past and present:

- Carly
- Denver
- Diana
- Feroz
- Lucas
- Naad
- Vik
- Vincent
- Saskia

The K-Pop hands were an idea of Vik and was very popular when we voted on each idea. Picked up by Saskia and Naad, who placed the hands and hearts expertly.

There were multiple ideas for a lady resisting against predators. Denver's lady lifting herself up to rise above the predators of Vincent became a beautiful poster.

The social bubble was also present in multiple ideas, but the one thought up by Diana seemed to be the best fit for the assignment. The line art is from her hand, while the colouring was done by me.

I had an idea for identity theft, but it was a bit off. It required some further idea development from the group and now it's a much better fit. Picked up and executed nicely by Carly and Lucas.

We encountered a few more bumps along the way, but we managed to finish it all on time. The compliments from Claudia in between were encouraging. Yoram was a good help with getting the posters ready for print. Guido Bregman of the municipality was a good source of information. Paul van Venrooij really helped us out with the administrative part. The posters were spread out through Capelle van den IJssel from 17-11-2021 until 24-11-2021. We received a lot of compliments, which are very much appreciated.

For those that prefer images and and music instead of words: Posters of Social Media Wisdom.