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Last year October it was once again time for Monstober! A fun challenge based on the well known (for artists?) Inktober. 31 days to create 31 drawings with a monser subject for each day. It's mostly a test of discipline and endurance. But it's also fun to share your creativity and watch the creativity of others. In 2016 I participated and beat the challenge. I did work ahead, because I knew there would days on which I would be too busy. I think having a buffer is good practice anyway. Anyway, for 2017 I wanted to see if I could really do it. Draw the monster of each day and post the end result online before the end of day. I'm happy to say I beat that challenge too. Taking my 2017 Monstober drawings (+1) I've created an art book and it's for sale for 5 euros, not including shipping costs. The book has a special page for a small drawing, a word of thanks, both or we can leave it blank. :-) Click on the mail icon on my website or send a message to mail.ferocious.nl if you are interested. Check out this video for some art previews and to get in the Monstober Mood. Now that we went throught the business part, again my thanks go out to: - Robin Mies, for creating and organising Monstober - Eduardo Recife for creating the Misproject font that I used - My friends and family that have supported me on my creative adventures - My fellow artists, a constant source of inspiration, support and comradery Speaking of fellow artists, take the time to look at some of their works, like here: Monstober Challenge In closing a shout out to Drukwerk deal, who provide a quality service. I'm very happy with the end result.