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The leopard went through a number of changes. The original sketch was more comical, the character design shared fatures with the Pink Panther and the leopard ran so fast, he lost his spots in order to get over the finish line.

For the second sketch I wanted to devirt from the original idea and go for a leopard with a bit more realistic features. During the trials I started to wonder how a female version would look. I wasn't happy with the end result, but I was glad about some elements and decided to keep them.

I guess the third sketch can be considered 'Kirby-esque'. Losing the spots doesn't look comical in this version and it has become more of a burst of energy. She looks possessed while crossing the finish line.

For the last version I dropped the comical tone and went for a sense of pride and achievement.

The leopard is part of a sticker set for the Brabants Stripspektakel event in Veldhoven.

500 of the free comic bags for children will contain one of these stickers.

The stickers will be for sale at my table.

If you can't come to the event and want to buy some stickers, click on the email button (top right).