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This Saturday I helped fill the goodie bags of the Brabants Stripspektakel event. 2000 bags for adult visitors en 600 for children. Each children's bag has my new sticker, all are signed and numbered. It looked like the weather was going to bad. Before I left there was a short, but heavy rainfall and hail was dropping into the bus in Eindhoven. De driver was friendly enough to leave the door open when he went for coffee, but he had not considered any hail. Still when the actual work was in progress, the weather was fine. Filling the bags went smooth thanks to the positioning of the volunteers, an efficient assembly line. The work was done quickly thanks to the effort and good atmosphere. I can hardly wait for the event now that I've seen all these enthusiastic people. You can find me in the Artist Area and I won't be alone, zsay hello to Tosca Hamel!

For the design of the sticker I took inspiration from the new location of the event. No longer in the Koningshof in Veldhoven, but Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven. It's also an image of friendship, because reading comics together is fun. For a long time Friday was comic day for me and Silviano. We had a subscription with Yendor and while going back on the subway we would read a new comic together. Bonus points for who gets the Bham! reference, I'm afraid this detail was too small to properly display on the actual stickers.